Monday, January 2, 2012

If yesterday is any indication of how 2012 will be, I'm going to sleep through it!

Several posts ago I told a story about my husbands best friend and our fishing adventure with him. He's always so full of life, laughter, jokes and love. He is a wonderful friend and father to his children. His name is Scott, 40 years old and yesterday had a heart attack right in front of his teen age daughter. His son who is in the military was due back to his base today and was on his way when he received the call about his fathers hospitalization.

I won't lie, we didn't sleep easy last night as we worried about our friend who ended up with two blocked arteries and heart function of only 30%. They wouldn't let anyone into his room, pumped him full of morphine and wanted him to sleep a bit so they could attempt to do a second stint since he was to weak after the first one to continue.

My dear friend and honorary brother lies today in a hospital bed (40 years old) with his children, brothers, sisters, parents, friends and others by his side praying for his heart to be healed.

I know the last few posts seemed to be like me whining about my lupus, but it was more informational then whining or at least that was my personal attempt. I admit having the problems I do is scary but to have it thrown into my face that he could be me really hits home right now.

I feel like pulling a Rip Van Winkle and sleep the rest of the year away since it started out so horribly. I won't do that of course because I have 3 babies to look forward to this year and we are now only a couple of months away from the births of the first two and Scott is now stable. So maybe there is a silver lining in here somewhere, so this new year I believe will be about second chances, one more time to make things right in life and live it to the fullest!

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