Friday, March 9, 2012

Lupus SUCKS!

Anyone with Lupus knows or has been told to keep their stress level to a minimum to avoid it causing flares. We all know its darn near impossible to live stress free or to minimize stress in your life, especially for me since I last wrote. I will start from the beginning of the stress and flare that I am perpetually in.

I hear a lot of people with Lupus claim to be in remission first of all; personally I don't believe in remission in this disease it still silently is working against your body destroying organs and such without them even knowing it. I have lost now 2 lupus sisters to this disease who were in "remission". Don't let the meds working fool you!

Next, I was chided and kicked out of a lupus support group on face book because I chose to have a kidney biopsy and I was "scaring" newly diagnosed patients. Well excuse me! I thought taking charge of my life and health were important as well as being honest about the disease and the process our bodies go through! Long story short, my lupus IS in fact affecting my kidneys and I will now have to have twice yearly biopsies of my kidney's to keep an eye on the progress of the disease.

On happier notes:

My son got married to his long time fiance nearly a month ago now. It was amazing! I put a lot of work into it to pull it off in a short time but it was worth it! Here are some pictures:

I got the dresses, suit, church, hubby dj'd, made food, did the flowers and a multitude of other things for the wedding with a mind over matter attitude.

The next step was to do maternity pics of the kids before the baby came:

Then finally on the 6th of March Cambriea Marie arrived!

She weighed in at 6lbs 11oz and 20in long. She had a rough time coming into the world and needed to be resuscitated at birth:( She is home now and doing fine after one more incident of not breathing and her parents getting security called on them for breaking hospital rules when they took my sons younger brother into the room with them. It blows my mind how some hospitals disrespect the parents choices. It was just ridiculous! I made the snuggle sac and hat pictured above and am willing to share the pattern if anyone is interested.

Finally, the count down is on for my next grand daughter who is due in 3 weeks to my oldest daughter. I love the babies and can't wait! Now I am moving onto planning showers for the girls as there are still things they need and want. They both made me promise to wait until after the babies were born to throw showers so that is next on my stress out list after the birth of Sophie Lynn!

I am back now on meds that make me sick, crabby and I annoy even myself with my crabbiness! When I look over the past few months I can't believe all I have been through and the coming months for what I will be going through. I also get to see a new rheumatologist, but he is 2 hours away. Now finally I have enough proof for treatment and I am hoping to get off "the crabby" meds all together! Lucky for me its the same Dr. that my mom sees for her RA, so I am hoping for the best.

So, now I think we are all caught up on what's been happening in my life for the most part, lol.

Love and Peace to you.

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